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Why Is There Always Something?!

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pausebuttonDon’t you ever wish there was a pause button to life.  Or rewind, let alone a stop button?!  I do, at least this is how I have felt the last two days.

I’m sure many of you parents reading know what I’m talking about when I say “there is always something”…whether it be in the morning or at night, there is always something going wrong with my pre-schooler.

Okay, okay, he is only 3 and I can guess he’s not the first overly dramatic kid in the world.  But man, can he push our buttons!  Whether it be not wanting to wear the long sleeve shirt because it HAS TO BE short sleeves (in the dead of winter), or not the black pants but the blue ones. Or god forbid you pull out the wrong pyjamas because he will  ONLY wear Spider-Man.  A closet full of clothes yet he wears the SAME SUPERHERO T-SHIRTS EVERY WEEK.

Lately it feels as if nothing I can say or do matters.  Its his way or the highway and literally every morning before school, or every night before bed, there is a battle.  And I end up losing my s*%t.

Hence, the pause button.

Then of course when its not the parenting side, its work.  I work full time from home, and to say last week ended poorly and this week started on the same foot is an understatement.  Bad news, lost roles, and just not the way to end a Friday let alone start my work week.

There is always something.

So, if there was a pause button, or rewind button or even stop button, I could maybe, just maybe, not lose it, yell, get angry, swear (not at my kids), or just become so frustrated that I can’t be motivated to do anything.

So for now, I just need to breathe, think positive thoughts and know that a new day will come where everything will go smoothly, the kids will listen, I’ll close that deal and everything will be sunshine and roses.  Right?!

Do you ever have those days you wish you could put on pause?  Please share!




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