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The Battle Is On! Foodfighters is on Kickstarter NOW!

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Turning off the technology in our house can sometimes be a battle.  So thinking of ways to reduce screen time and have more quality family time is always on our minds.

My kids, husband and I love to play games, so when we heard about Foodfighters, we were immediately excited.  And what’s even more exciting about it, is that Foodfighters was created by a mom and dad who are on a mission to create smart games for smart kids.

It’s an engaging game where kids can discover tactics, strategy, economy, and risk. On top of this, Foodfighters is not just a kids game; it’s a game that succeeds regardless of the ages of the players meaning its for adults too.  Do you know how fun it is to be able to battle it out with your kid(s)?!

So what exactly is it?  Foodfighters is a fun 2 player family style game where you control and battle with your food.  And to win, you have to knock out 3 of a kind of your opponents team.


Players: 2 Ages: 8+ Duration: 20-30 minutes

Foodfighters is available on Kickstarter NOW until July 31st.  For only $29 you can get a copy of the game and all stretch rewards that come with Foodfighters as a Kickstarter backer.

See the Kickstarter campaign here.

And check out a review on GeekDad here.

Check it out and get fighting!

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