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Toilet Training Time…Again



I remember it clearly…it was the week before my oldest son’s 3rd birthday.  It was a long weekend and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to stay in for 3 days to toilet train.

It wasn’t easy but I had some great tips and advice from friends and family who had been through it so off we went.

The first day was terrible.  Accident after accident, cleaning floors, carpets, socks, clothes, you name it.

I remember wondering if this was going to work.

Day two came and it was great.  Granted we had a few accidents but he actually told us when he needed to go and went.  It seemed like the rest would be a breeze.

The third day wasn’t as good as day two, but still great and on the fourth day we sent him off to preschool in underwear (along with a bag full of underwear and pants)

From there, the rest as they say, is history.

Now we are on to kid #2 who is two months shy of his 3rd birthday.  Being summer its been harder to pick a weekend where we wanted to stay in and do it.  All we wanted to do was be outside in the gorgeous weather and be with friends.  But we decided that last weekend would be the weekend.  Enough is enough and get it done!

For those of you who don’t know T, he is an independent, very strong willed, ‘do whatever I want’ kind of kid.  So if he doesn’t want to do something or isn’t interested at that time, then he just doesn’t do it.

So with him, it has been a little tougher.  Plus, we did it on a regular weekend, not a long weekend so we had one less day than we did with Z.

First day was a mess…a number of accidents on the floor, kitchen chairs, and lets not forget a #2 🙁

It’s all good, I thought to myself…day 2 will be SO much better.  Ya, not so much.

Another full day of accidents and not one attempt in 2 days to go sit or stand at the toilet.

Until that night.

I had left the house with Z to take him to his hockey lessons, and T, as if he was “super-pee-man” tells hubs he needs to go and does!  We were so excited! (and have a good 3 videos to prove it) We thought this is it!  He gets it, and the rest as they say, will be history…

Its been 2 days of training now at preschool and he seems to listen to his teachers when they ask him to go.  He had one accident and 1 pee on day 3 and one accident and 2 pees on day 4.  AT SCHOOL.  Then he comes home, and with me, he refuses to go!  Its amazing how much kids take advantage of poor mom!!!

I know he will get it.  I know it will take time.  But the fun of toilet training surely has not been missed the last 3 years!  If I can give any advice for a new mom out there it would be HAVE PATIENCE.  You’re gonna need it!!!

Any tips or tricks that have worked for you?  Please share! And in the meantime, wish us luck!!



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