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Another Stage – Why, Why, WHY??

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Kids go through many stages as they grow up.  The crying stage.  The not sleeping stage. The “Terrible Two’s”…there are so many more and too many to count.

My youngest is in a new stage.  The “WHY” stage.  Unsure what this is?  It is when they ask “why” to EVERYTHING.

We cannot have a conversation without him asking why this, or why that.  And its not even important stuff…like the other day when it was this conversation while he was on the toilet:

Him: Mommy, toilet paper here (pointing to roll) and toilet paper in basket (pointing to basket on top of toilet)…Why?

Me: Because if we finish this roll then we have another one right there

Him: Why?

Me: So that when we finish one we have another one we can put right on

Him: Why?

Me: So that we don’t run out

Him: Why?

And this goes on and on until one of us gives up.  Correction, I give up.

This is daily.  No matter what we are talking about.  It could be asking him to put on his sweatshirt…WHY?  Come sit at the table…WHY?  Lets go brush your teeth for bed…WHY?

Maybe I need to stop asking him questions! But when its his turn…

“Why rain boots mommy” Because its raining…”WHY

“Why do I have to wear this” Because its cold outside…”WHY”

“Why are your nails red mommy” Because I just got them polished…”WHY”

I get it, he’s learning new things everyday.  And he’s getting a real sense of the world and understanding that things are logically connected. And some of the instances I can just laugh.  But when its after everything, its getting difficult to ease the frustration!!

Last night I actually found a way to make it stop right after its starts!  He would ask me something, I will in turn answer, he would say “Why”, and I WOULD ASK A QUESTION BACK.  He didn’t know what to do…he just looked at me, had that puzzled look on his face, thought for a moment, and just stopped.  HA!

Otherwise, if that doesn’t work, the good old “because I said so” will have to do!!

For a little laugh, I found this video by Louis C.K. but I’ll warn you…if you don’t like swearing, don’t watch!!  But trust me, its hilarious so be prepared to laugh out loud!!!

Have you gone through this with your young ones?  If so, how did you deal with it?





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  • Jean Akermam March 17, 2016

    Very funny & so true. I can just picture it. Don’t ask me why…

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