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Adjusting to Life

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First week of school is done and we are well into week two. I still can’t believe that summer is practically over and that we have started a new school year.

Morning routines are back and just as chaotic as ever. Not to mention a half hour longer each morning because now there is only one drop off.

But besides some mornings being better than others when it comes to being ready on time and the kids listening, it has been a good start.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my baby going into JK. I was excited, I was nervous, and I was anxious. I know it is always harder on the parent than it is the child. At least that’s what I’ve told myself. But with T and some of his struggles, I couldn’t help but worry.

But now we are one and a half weeks in. And he is loving it. He’s not scared, or nervous. He’s just being HIMSELF.

He is talking about a couple of new friends he’s made; sometimes he plays with them, and sometimes he doesn’t. And that’s okay with him.

He is talking about the things he has been doing in class and what he is learning.

He is doing more on his own than I have ever seen and asking teachers for help when he needs it.

And I couldn’t be happier.

This morning I stayed at the fence until the bell rang and his class went inside. I haven’t stayed before because I thought it would be harder for him to know that I was there.

I got to witness him watch the SK kids play. I noticed him watching a group of kids with a smile on his face. I saw as he sat down on the step with another kid and started talking. And I couldn’t help but be relieved.

He is happy. He wants to go to and be at school. He is enjoying himself. He knows that he’s a big boy now. And he hasn’t had any issues that we know of with his speech or how people are understanding him.

It’s funny that as parents we constantly worry about things with our kids. We can’t help but be overprotective of the things or people we love the most. And sometimes I find it hard to let go.

I’m sure each day will get easier and easier, and until then, I’ll just try to sit back and enjoy watching how happy he is.

How are your kids adjusting to life at a new school?

Share your experiences!



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