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Getting Rid Of The Kiddie Stuff

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The other night as I was serving dinner to the kids, my husband commented on the fact that I was giving them ‘the real plates’. What I mean is the adult plates that we use…you know, the nice, fragile, glass plateware. He believed that the kids shouldn’t be using them, and that I should be giving them their plastic, kid friendly, Ikea purchased, round plates.

The other day I was giving my oldest, who is almost 7.5 year old, a bowl of cereal. I put it in his plastic, kid friendly bowl (that he’s pretty much had since he could eat solids), but I served it with our silverware. A ‘real’ teaspoon to him.

Not sure why I mixed it up there, but I did.

And it got me thinking. How old should kids be before they get to start eating and drinking from the real deal? When exactly do we get rid of the kiddie stuff?

Yes, yes, accidents can happen…there are spills, and accidental drops of cutlery, plates and cups. So does that mean my kids should be older before they get to use the real silverware and glass/ceramic plate or bowl?

When we were in Florida for a couple of weeks and rented a condo, I didn’t bring my own tableware. I used whatever they had for us and the kids. And it was fine then, so why isn’t it okay now?

I get that my 4 year old might need a little more time. But if we keep treating him like a little boy, he may not get that he needs to mature, or be more responsible and careful with our belongings. And my 7.5 year old is so mature, that giving him the plastic plates and Nuk spoon & fork, makes me feel like I’m treating him like a little boy.

So when is too young or too soon to change and treat your kids as mature little people versus just little people?

Would love for you to weigh in!






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