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Live and Love


There are days where I wake up and have to remind myself what I am grateful for.  My family, my two sons, the roof over our heads, amongst MANY other things. 

We say we shouldn’t take things for granted yet we do. 

Yesterday we heard news of a young mother who passed away after an 8 year battle with Ovarian cancer.  It made me think about the people around me who have lost…who are being proactive…who are fighting…who are surviving

One of my best friends who just underwent a hysterectomy and double mastectomy at the age of 37… one of my best friends who lost her father after his battle with Pancreatic cancer…my grandmother who is undergoing radiation treatment to keep tumours under control so she can live each day without pain…a very close family friend who’s treatment does not seem to be working and the prognosis does not look good…and my mother, who completed her 5th surgery four months ago and is about to get scanned once again.

It seems like cancer is all around us.  And it changes who we are and the way we look at things. 

Yes, there are moments that we forget and we go about the normalcy of life. Until something happens like an argument with a sibling or husband or child.  And it makes you realize what is important.

We have to live each day to the fullest…and be grateful for what we have.  We have to live and we have and love…every moment we have.

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