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Get Outdoors and Get Summer Ready

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The sun is shining, the weather is changing and all that is on my mind is being outdoors.

My kids love playing outside; every day they ask if they can go on their bikes, play basketball, play catch in the backyard. I’m all for it.

I can’t wait to spend more time outdoors though my backyard needs a bit of a makeover. With our new patio furniture on its way I can’t help but think of other essential outdoor items that we need. Or should I say want 🙂

So I took to to help me find some of the best outdoor accessories to help me get my summer on.

We all want our outdoor area to look great and to be comfortable. Here are 5 of my favorites to help you accessorize your outdoor living space.

When our meal is finished and we just want to relax and hang out, we want to be comfortable. How amazing would it be to just lounge in a Hammock?  This piece looks beyond comfortable so excuse me if I fall asleep 😉


Of course when we are lying in said hammock or chilling out on the loveseat or couch, we might need a pillow. Even if we aren’t lying down, decorative pillows have just the right added touch to make a space look better. I LOVE this “Te Amo” Pillow Case Cushion Cover (no pun intended).


After a great day outdoors, nothing ends the night better than some S’mores (am I right?) Get together with a bunch of friends and your kids, and have a blast making roasted marshmallows on your very own Firepit. Ever since we did that at our friends house, we have wanted one of own! Don’t you?outdoors

After playing outside all day, we all know our kids can bring in messes. Keep your floors clean and keep your shoes outside on a personalized Outdoor Door Mat.


And for the final touch, nothing says outdoors more than a little greenery. I love accessorizing my side tables or dining table with a little potted plant like this  Plant/Cactus Pot.


There are so many more items I could add to this list like Muskoka Chairs or tablewares but there’s only so much shopping I can do before my husband takes notice 😉

So tell me, what is on your wish list for your outdoor space this summer?



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