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Just over two years ago I wrote a post about how proud I was of myself because I went back to the gym after a long time without exercising.  It was then that I found a new love for working out.  How it made me feel afterwards, seeing desired results, and just the overall fun it was getting out.

But after about a year and a half of doing the same exercises every day, I was getting a little bored.  I needed a new routine and something that would make me wake up every morning saying “Let’s go!”

I still remember the night…it was August 2015 and I was invited by a colleague to a Team Training Intro class at a new studio, Orangetheory Fitness at their Elgin Mills location.

I had no idea what to expect; I knew I would be getting a workout in, but I had no idea just what kind of workout it was.  Let’s just say  I have never sweat that much in my life!! It was NOTHING like I had ever done or experienced before.

Orangetheory, otherwise known to its members as “OTF”, is a high intensity interval training program.  Using your heart rate as a measurement, you use treadmill, rowing and floor blocks to get the ultimate, most intense workout. The trainers will take you from what’s called Base Pace, to Push Pace and All Outs; the primary goal is to spend at least 12-20 minutes of the hour-long class working at 84% or higher of your maximum heart rate, or in whats called the Orange zone.


They pride themselves on whats known as THE ORANGE EFFECT: “Backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), our heart-rate monitored training is designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy.    The result is the Orange Effect – more energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours after your workout!”


These workouts will literally push you to limits you never knew you had.  Group classes filled with energetic members and classes taught by only the best and most motivating trainers. It’s like a personal trainer without the expense!

No matter what level or how fit you are, Orangetheory Fitness sessions are made for all fitness levels. During each class, you’ll switch between treadmills, indoor rowing and weight room/resistance training blocks. Every workout is different so you’ll never get bored or plateau. Trust me when I say you will burn more calories here than you can imagine.

Members couldn’t be happier with the studio and the results they see.  They even offer whats called The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge Program. You and other members take part in a 6 week mission to achieve your weight loss goal. “The goal is to show the greatest improvement over the course of the contest, measured by percentage of weight loss. The top participant with the highest overall percentage of weight loss walks away with $2,500 in cash!”

One of my favourite things about OTF?  The gear!  From bags, to water bottles to tanks, each location has their own ‘store’ to choose from.

Let’s just say that I was hooked after that first night in August, and became a member the next day.  In the 7 months that have followed, I feel great. I can actually see muscles in my arms and legs, and have turned myself from a power walker into a jogger.  I can’t keep up with my husband just yet, but you never know…

If you haven’t already tried OTF, you really should. The first class is free! (Book your free trial here and make sure you reference this post!).

And to make it even more enticing, our friends from the Orangetheory Elgin Mills location are giving one lucky reader a FREE WEEK PASS for a chance to check out their studio. (Enter below) **free week being offered to Richmond Hill and Markham residents only.  Call for more details.**


Don’t forget to follow Elgin Mills on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share your experience with us!

Enter the contest HERE!



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