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Don’t Mind My Staring…Please

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I just spent the last two weeks in Florida with my family for our holidays. It was amazing to get away, out of the cold, and spend some good family time together as it has been a while since the 4 of us spent a lot of time, let alone a whole day, together.

One of the best things about going away to warmer climate, is being able to sit at the pool or the beach everyday. And while the kids play in the sand, this mommy loves to do likely what every woman loves to do..people watch! I don’t know what it is, but I do it everywhere. My husband makes fun of me. I see nothing wrong with it 😉

One of the things I noticed (and potentially more than usual) was how many pregnant women there were. And each time I saw one, I couldn’t help but smile. Perhaps from knowing what they could be feeling. Perhaps knowing what they were getting themselves into. Were they a first time mom, or was this their second or third? All of these thoughts would run through my head. I never think about it otherwise…only when I see someone.

Is it weird that when I see a pregnant woman’s belly I love it? In fact, I wish (sometimes) that I would be pregnant again. Though I’ve already decided I don’t want another baby, why is it when I see a pregnant woman, I’m envious? I would literally find myself staring at every pregnant belly I saw. 

As I’ve written before my husband would love a third. He will talk about it openly and volunteer the info that he wants one to anyone that asks. Between my age (not that there’s anything wrong with having a baby in your 40’s), my patience with my two boys, and the pure exhaustion, I know that I’m done. I’m quite content with the two little monsters I’ve already created.
Could the reason for my staring be because of the knowledge that I am done? Knowing I will never create another mini me again? I’m not sure exactly what it is. But it is what it is.
I will just apologize in advance to all the ladies out there carrying a child…don’t mind my staring…please. Perhaps one day you’ll feel it too.



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