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New Month Comes New Goals

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Can you believe it is already August?! Time feels like it is flying by…anyone agree?

With a new month comes new goals.

Do you set goals for yourself? I never used to, my husband always told me I should, and now I’m all about them.

These last 5 months I have learned a lot about myself. What I’m capable of and what and who I need in my life to make them possible.

So this month, I’m setting new goals and new intentions. Here they are:

? Journaling

While I’ve been entering daily thoughts and affirmations in my 5 minute journal the last few months, I’ve decided to do a Journaling Challenge thanks to someone I started following on Instagram.
Every day for the month of August she has given us prompts to complete. I can’t wait to see where it takes me and how I feel on August 31st.

If you want to try it with us, comment below and I’ll send you the link!


Before covid I worked out about 4, maybe 5 days a week. Since covid, I’ve made the commitment to move my body in some capacity everyday. Some days may be a shorter workout, and some days will be longer, but I’m doing it. It makes me feel so good and really sets me up for feeling great all day


I’ve spoken before about my Greens Shot and I continue to incorporate my daily greens for energy and digestion for my gut health. But instead of doing them as a shot everyday, I now also incorporate them into my breakfast smoothie. I am playing around with Intermittent Fasting as I enjoy working out on an empty stomach. Everyday post workout I make myself a protein smoothie, and man they are DELICIOUS!! It has added so many nutritional and healthy benefits and gives me all the essential macros I need to fuel me for the day

These three are my top goals to stick with for the month of August. And I actually hope to stick with them for longer!

What are some health or self care goals you have made for yourself? ?



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