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5 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

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Over the past 5 days, I have been involved in a healthy habits challenge on Instagram. It was simple, short and free!

We wanted to create a space that felt safe, where you can be with a community of likeminded people, and feel better by taking steps to better health.

All we did was start with one habit that had to do with a healthy mind and body, and celebrate our wins.

Everyone loved it so much that I wanted to share each day here, although you can check out all the posts and comments on my Instagram feed.

✨DAY 1!✨

Today is day 1 of our 5 Day Healthy Habits Challenge!

Hold yourself accountable and commit to these 5 days adding simple, small healthy habits into your day.

This past year has been the biggest challenge of our lives. But throughout, I committed to myself, to my health, and took on more challenges that I ever thought I could possibly do.

You can too. I know you can.

So today, day 1’s healthy habit is movement. 20 minutes of walking (or jog or run if you’d like!)
Whether it be on your own, with a family member, walking your dog, just do it. Morning, noon or night. Just MOVE YOUR BODY!!

I bet you will feel so good afterwards just with that one small habit!

✨DAY 2!✨

Do you practice gratitude?

I never used to, but once I started, it made me feel really good!

This year has been crazy and we haven’t been able to do much or have much…but we have to appreciate what we do have.

Today, along with our 20 minute walk, take 15 minutes at some point in your day and write down 5 things you are grateful for. It can be anything at all!

I bet you as you write them, it will make you smile. And maybe, you’ll continue to acknowledge all of the things you are grateful for everyday.

If you want to share anything you are grateful for today, comment below. But I would like to know, are you ready to add gratitude to your daily routine?

✨DAY 3!✨

Do you meditate?

If you asked me pre March 2020 if I ever added meditation into my day, I’d say barely. I was very inconsistent with it.

But as time went on and I incorporated more and more healthy habits into my “new normal routine”, I noticed that it made me feel really good.
It helps me manage stress. My anxiety. It calms me. And, it inspires me.

I do it mostly for 5 minutes but have done some for 15 minutes. I’ve listened to different mantras and different speakers.

I do it for me, how I want to.

I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it properly…I mean, how do you exactly remove thoughts from entering your head when all you do is think?! Do what you can and know thats totally normal. You’ll get to a point in your journey where you are able to just block out the noises in your head.

Just start somewhere. Are you wiling to try?

Do you meditate now? And if so, which do you recommend?

✨DAY 4!✨

Think you could drink 2L of water a day? What about 3?!

Okay, so while I may be in the bathroom majority of the day, drinking enough water is so important for our health!

Here are 5 benefits of drinking water:

*Increases energy and relieves fatigue
*Promotes weight loss
*Flushes out toxins
*Improves skin complexion
*Maintains regularity

They say to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces a day. It can be hard but here are a couple things I do to make it easier:

*I carry a 1L bottle around with me everywhere I go
*I make sure to drink at least 750ml during a workout and then I’m almost half way there!
*Fizz sticks! Water can get BORING, so adding in some flavour makes it that much better (especially with the new blood orange ?flavour!)

If there is one thing you can do to help maintain your health, drinking water is definitely ?!

Do you get enough water during the day? (and sorry mamas, unfortunately coffee doesn’t count ?‍♀️?)

✨DAY 5✨

Do you know how easy it is to put a smile on someone’s face?

Last week I got a message on IG from a complete stranger who paid me a compliment and just wanted to send me some good vibes. It made me feel so good and honestly made my day!

For our final day of our healthy habits challenge, that is your challenge. Send a positive note to 5 people. It can be someone you know, someone you just met, or someone you don’t even know but might follow. Just spread the love and positivity. You really can change someone days in an instant.

So, be that light in someone’s world, be the reason someone smiles today and spread love and kindness all around!! I promise it will come back to you ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Friday!!! Leave a comment below letting me know if you will add these habits to your daily routine…or if not all, which ones?



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