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Best Supplements For Cancer

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I’ve been doing some research & speaking in various groups learning as much as I can about my health moving forward.
Since I am so passionate about health and wellness, as well as use and sell nutritional products, I needed to make sure what I use was still good for use for not only myself, but for anyone looking after their health.

Here are a few of the best supplements for anyone looking after their health including those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer:

✨Calcium – A calcium supplement may protect your bones from changes due to treatment. A brand I recommend is Jamieson.

✨Multivitamin – get essential vitamins and minerals to improve your overall health. I recommend BeWell Daily Multivitamin. It contains a blend of 20 vitamins and minerals for the maintenance of good health. Its formula includes antioxidant nutrients that help protect against damage caused by free radicals, and includes a B-complex and vitamins C, D and E. VitaminMe has a great daily multivitamin as well.

✨Probiotics – Probiotics help boost immunity which may help you stay healthy after your treatment. Probiotics have anti-inflammatory effects, which may help protect against cancer. I recommend our Gut Health; blend of probiotics and enzymes. It includes inulin from Chicory Root and 3 billion CFU of Bacillus coagulans probiotics plus enzymes that act as a digestive aid.

✨Vitamin D – Experts say there’s a link between low levels of vitamin D and breast cancer. There’s no evidence a vitamin D supplement will lower your risk of recurrence, but your doctor may recommend it for your overall health. I recommend the BeWell vitamin D3 & K2 spray. Vitamin D3, or the sunshine vitamin, is key to help support immune function while Vitamin K2 helps in the maintenance of bones.

There isn’t enough research on how supplements affect your treatment and/or medications, so always speak to your doctor before taking any supplements.
For any info on these recommended items, please leave a comment below.



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